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The Louis Carr Foundation (LCF) provides up to 12 paid internships in communications to undergraduate students of color during the summer immediately following their freshman, sophomore or junior year of college.

Louis Carr established the non-profit, 50l(c)(3) Foundation in 2003 to increase multiculturalism and diversity in the communications industry. A WayMaker of 37 years in communications, Carr knew that segments of the industry such as advertising, marketing, public relations and media sales were slow to develop the multi-ethnic workforce which reflected the changing racial composition of the USA and the challenges of multicultural global markets.

To ensure more minority representation Louis Carr, President of Media Sales, BET Networks, structured the LCF intern program with a two-fold mission. First, LCF internships would give highly motivated minority students who could not afford to take non-paying summer internships, a chance to get career-building experiences in top communication companies while earning needed money for college. Second, LCF would help companies identify, recruit and maintain a more multicultural workforce.

For 21 years, the Louis Carr Foundation has dedicated its efforts to improve diversity in corporate America. This invaluable foundation provides a platform for students of color to gain practical experience with paid internships. Since the inception of his mentor program, there have been 270 paid interns and 65 interns who have garnered full-time employment opportunities in the marketing and media arenas. LCF has partnered with a variety of leading companies such as: BET Networks, Burrell Communications, CNN, Fluent360, McDonald's Corporation, Walton Isaacson, We Are Unlimited and Paramount (formerly ViacomCBS).

2023 Partners


LCF Alumni

Our interns' success speaks volumes.

I have found it rare to come across an internship that nurtures your creative, entrepreneurial, and overall professional pursuits much like the LCIF program. I was given invaluable hands-on experience in media sales and development while also being guided by top mentors in the field. My current mindset to choose, commit, and conquer my dreams were built on the greatest foundation that this experience provided. — Cameron

Working as an intern for LCIF was the highlight of my summer. I truly enjoyed my internship, and LCIF taught me important life skills as well as gave me the opportunity to create friendships with others who have the same interests as me. I highly recommend this internship to any college student looking for work experience for the summer. — Brynne

During my experience with the Louis Carr Internship Foundation, I have learned so much from my internship with LCIF…Being mentored by Mr. Carr was amazing; he has so much insight and he really wants to see his interns thrive and succeed. I have made so many connections, not only with the other interns, but also with the people I was working with for my internship -- and for that I will forever be grateful. — Onyx

Being a part of the Louis Carr Foundation helped me understand how our voices as Black youth are very much needed and wanted in this field. Getting to work with such talented and like-minded people who look, and are, like me instilled the confidence in me to push past barriers in my life that I didn't know I could. — Tatsu

Working at Groupon has allowed me to understand how everyone has to fulfill their meaningful role in order for the company to be successful. — Jonathan

I really enjoyed my time with the LCF program and through this program I have gained access to many new opportunities and made lasting connections in the industry. The career building activities and exercises helped me advance in my career and educational pursuits. — Nia

I had a great time and was able to learn a lot in my LCIF experience. In addition to amazing mentorship by Mr. Carr, I was able to learn useful skills in the industry and how the corporate world works. Everyone I got the chance to work with was extremely welcoming and willing to share their knowledge to help me in any way they could. — Jordyn

I learned so much about myself from the Louis Carr Internship Foundation starting from learning myself all the way to learning how the corporate world works. Honestly, one of the best internships I've ever participated in. Every day was a new adventure discovering talents I never knew existed. — Jaicee


Collaborations & Partners

Interested in becoming a LCF Corporate Internship Partner? We want to hear from you!
Email: [email protected]

Corporate Internship Partners are prominent broadcast and print media, advertising agencies, corporate advertisers, public relations firms and other communications-related businesses that provide: ​

  • 8 to 10-week summer LCF intern positions.

  • Structured internships that offer real-world work experience.

  • Meaningful skills enhancing work assignments.

  • Nurturing and supportive work environments.

  • Mentors who provide one-on-one career guidance.

LCF Corporate Internship Partners will receive from the Foundation:

  • Pre-screened and qualified minority interns.

  • A coordinated mentor program.

  • Funding for stipends of summer interns.

 LCF Corporate Internship Partners support the Foundation by:

  • Providing a summer LCF internship position, and if possible, also underwriting all, or a portion, of the LCF Intern’s summer stipend.

​Each sponsored internship allows the Foundation to serve more students of color who dream of careers in communications.

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