Louis Carr

Media Mogul • Motivational Speaker • Author • Philanthropist

Louis Carr has generated 9 billion dollars in revenue over his 33-year career at BET Networks. He is the only African American to head up national sales for a major cable company. Serving as the President of Media Sales, Carr has transformed some of the biggest brands in the United States. Carr is an undeniable proponent of black advancement. He founded the Louis Carr Internship Foundation (LCIF) 17 years ago dedicating his efforts to improving diversity in corporate America through paid internships. Since its inception, there have been 179 paid interns, all students of color, 55 of whom have garnered full-time employment opportunities.

Carr has authored two books, Dirty Little Secrets and Little Black Book: Daily Motivations for Business and Personal Growth, where he openly lays out his own road map to greatness covering much needed topics like Leadership, Culture, Strategy, Vision, Success, and Diversity. Moreover, Carr understands that to whom much is given much is required and altruistically gives his time and resources to impact meaningful change in the lives of others. He has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades honoring his work centered on diversity from both personal and professional standpoints.

Mr. Carr attended Drake University on a full athletic scholarship and received a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism. He has been happily married for 33 years. Simply put, Carr is a visionary and an American success story.

For more information, visit iamlouiscarr.com or follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @iamlouiscarr and Louis Carr on LinkedIn. 

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